Relational Excellence


What it is and how it can be supported

A great part of personal evolution calls on the ability to live and act “together”. Collaboration is an art that is expressed in all aspects of life, not just within a company.

Doing for, doing through, and doing with, and also doing despite others, are perhaps the most critical of capabilities required today for anyone in a company.

Flexibility and the ability to cooperate are the key qualities of the modern era: leadership, but also followership. This means the adjustment between the impulses of membership and the need for groupship. In a word: “interdependenceship”.

Developing a strong relational competence means knowing how to move in a world of complex interactions, sometimes on similar levels but more often asymmetric, more and more intercultural, where diversity is a rule and instability is a paradoxical and widespread constant.

Youvolution supports its partners in bringing their skills up to the level of excellence, using highly customizable tools such as individual coaching, mentoring, assessment, team and group coaching, training, including specific and innovative paths towards the maieutic management of conflicts.

Relational Excellence: expected results

  1. A person with excellent communication skills is able to:

  2. Cultivate effective relationships at all organizational levels

  3. Manage divergence as a physiological phenomenon and an organizational constant, an opportunity for learning and growth

  4. Value individual differences as collective resources in the work of the team

  5. Engender trust and know how to seek it in every encounter

  6. Develop strategies and adopt better behaviours for the co-building of results