A few days ago we were received by Dr. Arabnia, the President and founder of Geico Taikisha, an Italian industrial outstanding example, with over 2.1 billion dollars turnover and avant-garde technology, located just outside Milan.
After the tour of the factory, just breathtaking, and having observed organizational dynamics and human interactions that we could not avoid to notice, we were finally able to have a chat with Ali Reza in his office.
Among the many things that have already been written about Geico and his leadership, we found confirmation in him and his people of two fundamental aspects that transform great managers into credible Leaders, who guide, inspire and enable change.

Credibility = Character + Competence

Character is a combination of integrity and intent.
Character = Integrity + Intent
Integrity is based on honesty, humility and courage.
Intent is what moves you, that emotional and psychological conglomerate where behaviors, such as care and concern towards people, originate.

Competence, instead, is a combination of know-hows-to-do and results.
Competence = Ability to know-hows-to-do + Results
knowing-how-to-do things implies also acquiring new skills to do more, innovation as an attitude, not just a process.
Results are instead our story, what we have been able to achieve so far, what we can achieve today and what we can achieve in the future.

With the growing attention to ethics and social impact in our society, the dimension of character, integrity + intent, is quickly becoming an essential pre-requisite to remain in the globalized society.
Yet, the dimension of Competence is equally essential to create full trust, which, in turns, leads to organizational resilience, so important in these years of quick and sudden changes.

Today, in the fast, connected and multidimensional market in which most companies operate, the balance of these two dimensions is fundamental to perform sustainably over time.

The at times funny, touching and intense anecdotes that Ali Reza told us about his history and his life in Geico over the last 10 years, once again confirms that Credibility, as defined, has a key role in the mechanics of success.